About Summit Travel Health

Summit travel Health are the leaders in Travel Medicine

The Future of Travel Medicine

Summit Travel Health is a leading Travel Medicine and Vaccination provider in Canada. Summit provides you with personalized preventative care, combining world-class medical professionals with advanced medical technology.

We are an eleven-location travel medicine and vaccination services with presence in Quebec and Ontario. Our company is focused on creating unparalleled customer experiences and delivering best-in-class medical solutions.

Our vision is to create the most customer-centric medical company in the world, with an initial focus on travel health and vaccinations.

We are building a company for the next phase of global health – as the world becomes more connected, vaccinations will play a more important role in people’s lives, both locally and internationally.

Whether it’s travelling to an exotic location in Asia, getting vaccinated for a common flu, or immunizing your child against infectious diseases, Summit is your partner in health.

Summit’s positive impact is tangible in the people’s lives we touch, and that drives us to keep pushing forward.