The Rabies Travel Vaccine

Rabies: Spread and Vaccination

Is there a cure for rabies?

There is no cure for rabies after onset, and it is therefore extremely important to get vaccinated. Rabies vaccine can be administered after exposure to the virus but is not effective after symptoms develop.

While you may have up to 10 days after exposure to safely get vaccinated, if you are travelling in a country without consistent access to healthcare, getting vaccinated before travel is extremely valuable.

How Is Rabies Spread?

Rabies is a virus that is usually transmitted through bites from an infected animal. Many wild animals like bats, monkeys, and raccoons can spread rabies, but domestic or stray animals like dogs and cats can also carry the virus. Rabies can be spread without a bite from animals carrying the virus in their saliva.

What countries have a risk of rabies?

Although rabies in first world countries is extremely rare, there is a small risk of in nearly the entire world.

India has the highest rate of human rabies, mainly because of the large number of stray dogs and animals.

The biggest risks of rabies come from travel itineraries that put people in far from healthcare, and close to wild animals. If that sounds like your trip, speak with a Summit healthcare professional to learn more.