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Why Summit?

Travel Clinics Across the Greater Toronto and Montreal Areas

We have 11 locations across Toronto and Montreal, with convenient locations for all of your travel health and vaccination needs.

Vaccination Experts

Many travellers have not received important vaccinations that could protect them from potentially deadly or debilitating diseases such as meningitistyphoid fever, and Japanese encephalitis.

Our medical team can advise you on the vaccines or medications that will keep you protected–whether at home or abroad.

Focus on Preventative Care

With up-to-date understanding of travel health risks, outbreaks, and preventative treatments, our travel health experts offer an education-first approach. 

Many illnesses can be prevented with vaccines, medication, or adhering to best practices. Read more about malariashingles (zona)rabies, and other preventable illnesses.

Travel Vaccinations & Advice

Summit Travel Health is a leading travel vaccine clinic provider in Canada. Our team of Nurse Practitioners is specialized in travel health medicine and can provide health and safety recommendations for all international destinations.

Travel Vaccination Clinics

Our Travel Clinic Partners

Merck is one of our partners, Summit Travel Health