Vietnam Travel Vaccines and Advice

While traveling to Vietnam, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
While traveling to Vietnam, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
Make sure you know about Vietnam’s medical care and safety and security tips.
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If visiting Indochina, make a stop in Vietnam. This enticing country continues to attract tourists with its wild natural landscapes, historical temples and imperial cities. For a dreamy boat ride amongst beautiful bays and beaches, take a tour to Halong Bay. Hoi An is a pretty lantern town on the coast, perfect for exploring on bike. The seaside resort Nha Trang is an ideal location for surfers, also offering ancient remains from the Cham dynasty. Lovers of history will be inspired by the Sanctuary of My Son with ancient red brick temples and buildings from the French colonial period. Vietnam also hosts plenty of festivals, which are perfect for entertaining yourself and for tas
ting local dishes.

What vaccines do I need for Vietnam in 2020?

The government of Canada and CDC recommend the following vaccines for travelling to Vietnam in 2020: Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Meningitis, and Influenza

Recommended Vaccinations for Vietnam 2020

VaccineDisease Transmission
Traveler’s diarrheaContaminated water/food
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis BContaminated body fluids
(blood, sex, razors, needles, etc.)
RabiesInfected Animals
Japanese EncephalitisMosquito bites
MeningitisAirborne Droplets

Recommended Medication for Travelling to Vietnam

MedicationAdditional Information
Azithromycin/SupraxAntibiotic in case of traveler’s diarrhea
Malarone, Doxycycline or MefloquineRecommended anti-malaria medication


Medical Care in Vietnam

Vietnam does not provide adequate sanitary conditions. Medical equipment remains unreliable, and the country is also experiencing a shortage of health facilities and medication. Treatment provided in centres is only adequate for common medical illnesses. If you need to be hospitalized, you should visit the Hanoi Clinic or the International SOS which are frequented by foreign visitors.

Pharmacies in Vietnam provide drugs imported from France, India and China. However, be aware that some of the medication supplied in markets are counterfeits and should be avoided.

You can dial 115 for an ambulance, but the response time is lengthy and paramedics can be poorly trained. Using a taxi or private car to travel to the nearest hospital is a better option. In the event of more serious health problems, you will be medically evacuated by plane to Singapore or Thailand.

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Current Weather in Vietnam

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Is Vietnam Safe for Travel?

Safety and SecurityDescriptive
CrimeRisk present
Credit card fraudRisk present
ScamsRisk present in gambling games
Road safetyCaution required
Public transportationUnsafe
HealthZika virus and Dengue fever warning
Risk levelHigh degree of caution

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Do I Need a Visa to Visit Vietnam?

Prior to travel, make sure you check with your transportation company about any passport requirements. This is important as in some cases their regulations on passport validity may be more strict than those of the destination country.

Both, a visa and a passport are required to enter Vietnam. The passport must be valid for at least one month after your visa’s expiration date.

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Embassy of Canada to Vietnam information

When travelling to another country, it is important to know where the Canadian embassy is located in the event of:

  • A legal problem
  • A lost passport
  • The need to report a crime

It is advisable to make a copy of your original passport in case you lose it.

Canadian Embassy to Vietnam (HANOI)
Street Address:
31 Hung Vuong Street,
Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel.: 84 (4) 3734-5000
Fax: 84 (4) 3734-5049

Email: [email protected]

Canadian Consulate General to Vietnam (HO CHI MINH CITY)
Street Address:
9th Floor, The Metropolitan, 235 Dong Khoi Street,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel.: 84 (8) 3827-9899
Fax: 84 (8) 3827-9936

Email: [email protected]

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