Costa Rica travel advice and travel advisory

While traveling to Costa Rica, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
While traveling to Costa Rica, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
Make sure you know about Costa Rica’s medical care and safety and security tips.
One of the many beautiful beaches in Costa Rica


Just by looking at pictures will give you the desire to experience the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Whilst there, the country will live up to all your expectations and stimulate your senses. With its wild coastal landscapes, mountains and rivers as far as the eye can see, and dense tropical forests boasting diverse wildlife and plants, this true wild paradise is more than just an average holiday experience. Whether you are a keen sportsman or looking for a moment of zenitude, this country will cater for all types of travelers. The waves off the coast of Costa Rica will delight surfers, whilst the Laguna de Arenal is perfect for windsurfing. Furthermore, volcanic wonders and dense coast rainforests offer many beautiful hiking opportunities. Costa Rica is also home to many stretches of beautiful deserts and volcanic beaches.

Recommended travel vaccinations for Costa Rica

VaccineDisease Transmission
Traveler’s diarrheaContaminated water/food
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis BContaminated body fluids
(blood, sex, razors, needles, etc.)
RabiesInfected Animals
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)Various ways of transmission
InfluenzaAirborne Droplets

Recommended Medication for Travelling to Costa Rica

MedicationAdditional Information
Acetazolamide/DexamethasoneRecommended for prevention of acute mountain sickness
Ciprofloxacin/Azithromycin/SupraxAntibiotic in case of traveler’s diarrhea

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Current Weather in Costa Rica


Medical Care in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the destination of many travelers dreams. In addition to its natural and cultural riches, the country also offers an excellent standard of living. In case of illness or accident during your trip, visit one of the well-equipped private hospitals in San José which will offer good quality care and treatment. These include the Clinica Biblica Hospital and the Cima Hospital of San José. These provide 24-hour emergency rooms, intensive care units, surgery and maternity services, scanner and MRI equipment and 24-hour pharmacies. Most doctors accept some health insurance plans from the United States. Outside San José, access to care may be limited.  

For medicines, local pharmacies such as Fischel pharmacies are well supplied and offer good quality products. Most of the drugs used in the United States are available in Costa Rica.

In case of emergency, the Red Cross ambulance available at 911, 128 or 221-5818 and the response time is quick.

Or call  647-479-8808

Is Costa Rica Safe for Travel?

Safety and SecurityDescriptive
CrimeRisk present
Violent crimeRisk present
TheftCaution required
DemonstrationsRisk present
Road safetyCaution required, among the highest accident rates in the world
Public transportationUnreliable; Only use official and metered transports
Maritime TravelCaution required
Adventure tourismClick the link below for precautions
Women’s safetyCaution needed
SwimmingSwim in supervised beaches only
HealthZika virus warning
Risk levelHigh degree of caution

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Do I Need a Visa to Visit Costa Rica?

Prior to travel, make sure you check with your transportation company about any passport requirements. This is important as in some cases their regulations on passport validity may be more strict than those of the destination country.

Only a passport is required to enter Costa Rica for trips under 90 days. The passport must be valid for at least one month beyond the date of departure.

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Embassy of Canada to Costa Rica information

When travelling to another country, it is important to know where the Canadian embassy is located in the event of:

  • A legal problem
  • A lost passport
  • The need to report a crime

It is advisable to make a copy of your original passport in case you lose it.

Canadian Embassy to Costa Rica
Street Address:
La Sabana Executive Business Centre, Building No. 5, 3rd Floor,
behind the Contraloría General de la República, San José, Costa Rica

Tel.: 506 2242-4400
Fax: 506 2242-4410


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