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Even though vaccine-preventable disease levels have decreased significantly over the last several decades throughout Canada, this does not mean diseases have been eliminated from North America. Recently, we have seen outbreaks of diseases that many thought had been eliminated on this continent, and have been a reminder that vaccination is still important for public and personal health. Summit Travel Health’s goal is to ensure that everyone, not just travellers, are educated about the preventative nature of vaccinations.

Some vaccinations are referred to as routine because they are recommended for everyone or for large portions of the population. In many regions, people will be vaccinated when they are young, but may require boosters as time passes. 

Travel and Specialty Vaccines

Summit Travel Health offers vaccinations recommended and required for international travel. We are experts in routine and exotic vaccines and specialize in in proper administration:

Vaccination Consultation Details

Our non-travel consultations typically last about 30 minutes and include a comprehensive review of your vaccination and medical history. Our Nurse Practitioners will discuss recommendations and requirements based on medical history. Our consultation rooms are private and comfortable. You can usually schedule an appointment on short notice and we will do our best to accommodate you after hours.

As a one-stop medicine clinic, Summit Travel Health carries all private vaccines necessary to immunize against common and exotic illness. We pride ourselves on being vaccination experts and delivering best-in-class medical solutions to our customers.