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Please remember to bring the following to your appointment:

  • Immunization history (vaccination booklet)
  • List of medications, including herbal supplements
  • Complete and detailed trip itinerary and list of any vaccinations required for your visa application (Travel Health Consultations only)

Thank you, Summit Travel Health

Please note that the Yellow-Fever vaccine is currently available in limited supply across Canada. Due to the ongoing shortage, our clinics are offering fractioned doses of YF-Vax. If recommended, the fractioned YF dose will be administered at a second appointment.  Please inquire with the nurse regarding available doses.

As a private medical clinic, consultation fees apply to each appointment. Consultation fees are not covered under OHIP. However, many private health insurance companies do reimburse the cost of private vaccines. Please contact your health insurance provider to inquire about which vaccines are covered by your plan.

Please note that we only accept payments by card (credit card or Interac), we do not accept cash or cheques.