Travel Health Consultations

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Our Nurse Practitioners are travel medicine and vaccination experts.


“Do I need to a typhoid vaccine for Brazil? Which malaria pills should I take? Should I bring altitude sickness medication? Is yellow fever a risk?

These are common questions from many of our international travellers. Our mission is to help travellers see the world, safely so they can enjoy their destination and return home energized by their new life experiences. Summit Travel Health consultations are designed to educate travellers on any destination specific health risks and help them understand any travel vaccines that may be currently recommended by the CDC or Canadian government.

Our Nurse Practitioners are experts in travel health and vaccine preventable diseases. We will help you prepare for a healthy and safe trip to any destination. As part of your pre-travel consultation we will advise you of the vaccines or medications available to minimize specific health risks in your area of travel. During your consultation, our nurse practitioners will also offer to administer any relevant vaccines, and provide a travel medicine prescription, as applicable.

Understanding your vaccination needs before travel is critical to our mission of helping travellers see the world, safely. We work with all facets of the population, ranging from small children to the elderly. Call and ask a Summit team member about our special rates for children, students and groups.


We offer travel health consultations for individuals, couples, families, and large groups. A typical individual travel health and vaccine consult will take 30 minutes and include a comprehensive destination itinerary and personal medical history review by our Nurse Practitioners. Our Nurse Practitioners are travel medicine experts who will discuss recommendations (from the CDC, WHO, and other sources) and requirements based on your destinations, activities, time of year, altitude and medical history.

Summit Travel Health has built a reputation in Canada as the authority in travel medicine and vaccinations. As a full-service travel medicine clinic, Summit Travel Health carries all travel vaccines necessary to protect you on your vacation, mission trip, semester abroad, safari, business trip, or backpacking adventure. We can also provide antimalarial, altitude sickness, and antidiarrheal prescriptions. And, with our variety of hard-to-find travel products in stock, you will be fully prepared for whatever challenges arise during your journey.

Don’t Get Sick on Your adventure

Travelling to destinations outside of North America may expose you to a variety of diseases and illnesses that are not active in Canada.  As exotic travel continues to grow in popularity, vaccination before travel is more important than ever before. We help individuals stay healthy during and after their travels, so you can see the world, safely.