Bahamas Travel Vaccines and Advice

While traveling to Bahamas, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
While traveling to Bahamas, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
Make sure you know about Bahamas’ medical care and safety and security tips.
One of the many beaches in the Bahamas


With more than 700 islands, the Bahamas offer a plethora of things to do. With its postcard-worthy landscapes, this destination attracts millions of tourists every year. The sea and nature are both must see assets of the Bahamas. Whether you want to admire the most beautiful coral reefs of the world, lounge on the long paradise beaches or discover the seabed, this Caribbean archipelago will immerse you in a magical experience. You are also able to rent an entire island to yourself in this country. You will be able to experience a
unique moment by swimming with sharks, offering an adrenaline-fuelled experience to share as a couple, with your family or as a group of friends!

Recommended travel vaccinations for The Bahamas

VaccineDisease Transmission
Traveler’s diarrheaContaminated water/food
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis BContaminated body fluids
(blood, sex, razors, needles, etc.)
RabiesInfected Animals
InfluenzaAirborne Droplets

Recommended Medication for Travelling to the Bahamas

MedicationAdditional Information
Azithromycin/SupraxAntibiotic in case of traveler’s diarrhea


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Current Weather in the Bahamas


Medical Care in the Bahamas

Thanks to the excellent quality of medical care, the Bahamas health system is one of the best in the world. Most doctors and dentists have specialized in the United States, the United Kingdom or Canada. You can find well-equipped health facilities in Nassau and Freeport, which provide quality, easily accessible but expensive care. The Princess Margaret State Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the archipelago and offers emergency surgery services. However, the blood bank often suffers from a shortage of supplies. The Doctors Hospital in Nassau also has complete and modern medical equipment. In the event of a diving accident, the Lyford Cay Hospital is accessible to all 24 hours a day.

Be aware that outside the cities of Nassau and Freeport, it proves difficult to find pharmacies.

To contact an ambulance, call 911 or 919.

Or call  647-479-8808

Are the Bahamas Safe for Travel?

Safety and SecurityDescriptive
CrimeHigh risk present
Spiked food and drinksLeave nothing unattended
Excursions and water activitiesStay cautious, only go for reputable companies; safety is priority
CruisesClick the link below for advice on cruises
Personal watercraftRisk of encountering illegal drug traders
Women’s safetyCaution required; high sexual assault rates
Road safetyCaution required in rural areas; drunk driving is common
Public transportationUse during daylight; only use licenced taxis and negotiate fares before getting in
HealthZika virus warning
Risk levelHigh degree of caution

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Do I Need a Visa to Visit the Bahamas?

Before you travel, check with your transportation company about passport requirements. Its rules on passport validity may be more stringent than the country’s entry rules.

For Canadian citizens staying for less than 90 days, only a passport is required to enter the Bahamas. Your passport must be valid six months from the date of departure.

Keep proof of your return ticket and financial details, because it may be needed.

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Embassy of Canada to the Bahamas information

When travelling to another country, it is important to know where the Canadian embassy is located in the event of:

  • A legal problem
  • A lost passport
  • The need to report a crime

It is advisable to make a copy of your original passport in case you lose it.

Canadian Consulate to the Bahamas (NASSAU)
Street Address:
Shirley Street Plaza,
Nassau, Bahamas

Tel.: (242) 393-2123 or (242) 393-2124
Fax: (242) 393-1305


Canadian High Commission to Jamaica (KINGSTON)
Street Address:
3 West Kings House Road,
Kingston 10, Jamaica

Tel.: (876) 926-1500
Fax: 1-876-733-3493


Click here to access the embassy’s website
Please note that this website concerns the Canadian High Commission in Jamaica.