Mexico Travel Vaccines and Travel Advisories

While traveling to Mexico, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
While traveling to Mexico, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
Make sure you know about Mexico’s medical care and safety and security tips.
One of many beaches in Mexico

Anyone would find it difficult not to be charmed by the Mexican joie de vivre. You cannot fail but be charmed by candlelit dinners animated by mariachis, complete with traditional hats and costumes. Beyond the festive nature of Mexico, there are many natural gems located in the country. Adventurers will be won over by the forests and deserts, canyons and rocky mountains, seaside resorts, and a richly coloured landscape. Mexico also offers paragliding or hiking like no other in the heart of the wilderness. Its appeal extends behind these activities through the existence of archaeological and pre-Columbian remains that testify its fascinating and tumultuous history. Its Spanish architecture participates to reveal much about the colonial past.

Recommended travel vaccinations for Mexico

VaccineDisease Transmission
Traveler’s diarrheaContaminated water/food
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis BContaminated body fluids
(blood, sex, razors, needles, etc.)
RabiesInfected Animals
InfluenzaAirborne Droplets

Recommended Medication for Travelling to Mexico

MedicationAdditional Information
Acetazolamide/DexamethasoneRecommended for prevention of acute mountain sickness
Azithromycin/SupraxAntibiotic in case of traveler’s diarrhea
Malarone, Doxycycline, Chloroquine or MefloquineRecommended anti-malaria medication

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Current Weather in Mexico


Medical Care in Mexico

You will be provided with excellent private and public health facilities in Mexico, yet services are limited away from city centers.

Major cities offer many well-stocked pharmacies with quality products. However, before purchasing these drugs it is important to consult a doctor for advice.

Whilst in Mexico, there is a possibility of being involved in an accident or contracting a serious illness. If you find yourself a victim of a medical incident, the ambulance service is available at 911.

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Is Mexico Safe for Travel?

Safety and SecurityDescriptive
Northern and Western statedAVOID ALL NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL

High levels of organized crime

Crime and Organized crimeHigh risk present
Assault and TheftRisk present for foreigners as well
Women’s safetyCaution required
Spiked food and drinksLeave nothing unattended, do not drink unregulated alcohol
KidnappingsHighest kidnapping rates in the world
ScamsRisk present, even from legitimate law enforcers; consult the link below for more details
DemonstrationsRisk of violence
Road safetyVaried road conditions with little police patrolling; stay wary of other drivers
TaxisDo not hail taxis; use reputable companies only
Public transportationRelatively safe, remain vigilant in crowded areas (metro) because of pickpocketing risk
Recreational activities and rentalsRisk of accidents on the rise
Beach and water activitiesBeware of strong currents and storm swells
Zika virus  and dengue fever warning
Risk level
High degree of caution

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Do I Need a Visa to Visit Mexico?

Prior to travel, make sure you check with your transportation company about any passport requirements. This is important as in some cases their regulations on passport validity may be more strict than those of the destination country.

If staying for tourism purposes under 90 days then only a passport is required to enter Mexico. The passport must be valid at the time of entry. A visa will be required for business purposes.

There is a tourism tax of approximately $20 US to be paid upon entry. The plane ticket usually includes this price.

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Embassy of Canada to Mexico information

When travelling to another country, it is important to know where the Canadian embassy is located in the event of:

  • A legal problem
  • A lost passport
  • The need to report a crime

It is advisable to make a copy of your original passport in case you lose it.

Canadian Embassy to Mexico (MEXICO CITY)
Street Address:
Calle Schiller No. 529, Colonia Polanco,
11580 México, D.F., México

Tel.: 52 (55) 5724-7900
Fax: 52 (55) 5724-7943


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (ACAPULCO)
Street Address:
Pasaje Diana, Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán 121, L-16,
Fracc. Magallanes, 39670 Acapulco, Guerrero, México

Tel.: 52 (744) 484-1305 or 52 (744) 481-1349
Fax: 52 (744) 484-1306


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (CABO SAN LUCAS)
Street Address:
Carretera Transpeninsular Km. 0.5, Local 82, Col. El Tezal,
23454 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, México

Tel.: 52 (624) 142-4333
Fax: 52 (624) 142-4262


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (CANCUN)
Street Address:
Centro Empresarial, Oficina E7, Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 12, Zona Hotelera,
77599 Cancún, Quintana Roo, México

Tel.: 52 (998) 883-3360 or 52 (998) 883-3361
Fax: 52 (998) 883-3232


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (GUADALAJARA)
Street Address:
World Trade Center, Av. Mariano Otero 1249, Torre Pacifico Piso 8,
Col. Rinconada del Bosque, 44530 Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Tel.: +52 (33) 1818 4200
Fax: +52 (33) 1818 4210


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (MAZATLAN)
Street Address:
Centro Comercial La Marina Business and Life, Blvd. Marina Mazatlán 2302, Office 41,
Col. Marina Mazatlán, 82103 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Tel.: 52 (669) 913-7320
Fax: 52 (669) 914-6655


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (MONTERREY)
Street Address:
Torre Gomez Morin 955, Ave. Gomez Morin No. 955, Suite 404,
Col. Montebello, 66279 San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Léon, México

Tel.: +52 (81) 2088 3200
Fax: +52 (81) 2088 3230


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (PAYA DEL CARMEN)
Street Address:
Plaza Paraíso Caribe, Modulo C, Planta 2, Oficina C21 – 24, Av. 10 Sur entre Calle 3 y 5 Sur, M-35, Lote 1, Colonia Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México

Tel.: 52 (984) 803-2411
Fax: 52 (984) 803-2665


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (PUERTO VALLARTA)
Street Address:
Plaza Peninsula, Local Sub F, Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio 2485,
Zona Hotelera Norte, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México

Tel.: 52 (322) 293-0098 or 52 (322) 293-0099
Fax: 52 (322) 293-2894


Canadian Consulate to Mexico (TIJUANA)
Street Address:
Germán Gedovius No.10411-101, Condominio del Parque, Zona Río,
22320 Tijuana, Baja California Norte, México

Tel.: 52 (664) 684-0461
Fax: 52 (664) 684-0301


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