Travel Vaccination Clinic Leaders

Toronto’s travel health and vaccination experts We offer COVID travel testing, travel vaccines, travel medications, personal health assessments, routine vaccinations, and medical advice. See the world safely, whether at home or abroad. Book A COVID Test Our travel clinics Your travel starts here Personalized travel health recommendations Recommendations are based upon your destination, planned activities, … Read more

Off The Beaten Path Tanzania

When we talk about Tanzania’s highlights, most people think about Kilimanjaro or the UNESCO-listed Ngorongoro Crater, an ancient collapsed volcano offering astonishing game viewing opportunities.  Maybe you think about the picturesque island of Zanzibar or the Serengeti and its endless plains. These locations are Tanzania’s highlights for a reason, however, if you want to visit … Read more

Diseases by Continent in 2018

Diseases by Continent in 2018 At Summit Travel Health, it is our mission to help our patients see the world, safely! It is important for travellers to take preventative steps to ensure their health and safety while they are exploring. There are many preventable illnesses that travellers can contract without the proper travel shots and … Read more

Aruba Travel Advice and Travel Advisories

Aruba Travel Vaccines and Advice Aruba wins the title as the sunniest island in the Netherlands. This is a beautiful holiday destination if you want to bask in the sun and enjoy the benefits of the Caribbean Sea. Here, palm-tree lined beaches are perfect for days spent lounging in the sun. If you enjoy water … Read more

Czech Republic Travel Advice and Travel Advisories

Czech Republic Travel Vaccines and Advice The Czech Republic is popular among tourists, especially with visits to Prague. Renowned for its historical heritage, the medieval town is home to a number of ancient monuments built in Gothic, Renaissance, Roman and Baroque times. During your stay, you should not miss a chance to see the majestic … Read more

Other Preventable Diseases

What is a Preventable Disease? As its name suggests, a preventable disease is an illness that you can avoid under proper circumstances. The first step in avoiding something dangerous is knowing about it. Knowledge is power; therefore education is your most important tool to master. Prevention can be done via many forms: by taking medication … Read more

Macedonia Travel Advice and Travel Advisories

Macedonia Travel Vaccines and Advice Nestled in the Balkan peninsula, two of Macedonia’s defining features are its refined cuisine and oenological culture. During a trip to the country, try one of the local specialties at one of the Ohrid restaurants. Macedonia also boasts infinite natural and cultural landscapes shaped by civilizations such as the Greeks, … Read more

Kosovo Travel Advice and Travel Advisories

Kosovo Travel Vaccines and Advice With a history both as dramatic as it is fascinating, Kosovo’s residents are welcoming people with a joie de vivre. Your stay in Kosovo will be punctuated by cultural and artistic discoveries, particularly in Pristina, the capital city marked with Turkish architecture. Do not miss a stroll through picturesque Ottoman neighbourhoods. … Read more

Travel Related Diseases

Travel Related Diseases Once in a new country, you’ll be exposed to many new things such as beautiful landscapes, architectural wonders, and relaxing beaches. Unfortunately, you may also be exposed to a number of diseases. Travel medicine is the practice that concentrates on the prevention of such travel diseases. By assessing the risks of the … Read more