Traveling abroad during COVID-19 [2021]

Remember to check for restrictions in your destination country  While the Canadian government still recommends against non-essential travel, many Canadians are making plans to start exploring the world again. As of May 2021, some countries have relaxed their entry restrictions for foreign travelers who are taking leisure trips. Whether you are fully vaccinated or not, … Read more

Travelling outside of Canada

[2021] The ultimate guide to travel outside of canada With travel restrictions and entry requirements that change regularly, international travel has been put on hold for most of us. However, as of May 2021 things are changing! Many European countries and other international destinations have started to welcome Canadian travelers again. We know how difficult … Read more

Mexico Food scene: 8 delicious dishes you should try

Time to pull out your stretchy pants.  Mexico, one of the most cosmopolitan countries in South America, is a wise choice if you want to dive into a sea of flavours. Mexico offers countless culinary possibilities. It is one of the few countries where affordability and gastronomy are synonymous. Whether you’re a fan of tacos, … Read more

Off The Beaten Path Tanzania

When we talk about Tanzania’s highlights, most people think about Kilimanjaro or the UNESCO-listed Ngorongoro Crater, an ancient collapsed volcano offering astonishing game viewing opportunities.  Maybe you think about the picturesque island of Zanzibar or the Serengeti and its endless plains. These locations are Tanzania’s highlights for a reason, however, if you want to visit … Read more

Summit Blog Relives

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