Micronesia (FSM) Travel Vaccines and Advice

While traveling to Micronesia, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
While traveling to Micronesia, please keep in mind some routine vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.
Make sure you know about Micronesia’s medical care and safety and security tips.
The stunning coral reefs of Micronesia



Micronesia promises a change of scenery and a chance to refresh yourself. Consisting of several islands such as the Chuuk Islands, this archipelago is a place of contrast. Coral reefs rich in diversity, turquoise blue lagoons and marine fauna and floral make for exceptional diving experiences. Being a paradise on earth, your senses will be simulated with tastes of unparalleled adventure. Aside from diving, other activities are offered included treks, mountain biking excursions or canoeing trips if visiting the islands of Kosrae. It is also possible to catch glimpses of wildlife in the Mangrove Forest.

Recommended travel vaccinations for Micronesia (FSM)

Vaccine Disease Transmission
Traveler’s diarrhea Contaminated water/food
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B Contaminated body fluids
(blood, sex, razors, needles, etc.)
Rabies Infected Animals
Influenza Airborne Droplets

Recommended Medication for Travelling to Micronesia (FSM)

Medication Additional Information
Acetazolamide or Dexamethasone Recommended for prevention of acute mountain sickness
Azithromycin or Suprax Antibiotic in case of traveler’s diarrhea
Malarone, Doxycycline or Mefloquine Recommended anti-malaria medication


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Current Weather in Micronesia (FSM)


Medical Care in Micronesia (FSM)

In general, clinics and medical services in Micronesia prove limited, despite offering a local hospital which provides all sorts of medical care. On the main island of Pohnpei, there are two hospitals which offer good quality treatments. However, emergency services are not recommended in the country, and medical evacuation is therefore necessary. Before debarking on a trip to Micronesia, organize an appointment with your doctor who will be able to advise you on necessary vaccinations or medications to take with you.

Although pharmacies offer easily accessible to drugs, it is worth taking a medical kit with you on your stay.

In case of emergency, contact the International SOS by dialling 911. Since there are no centralized emergency number, use this link to know which number you can call in case of an emrgency. The number changes throughout the region.

Or call  888- 488-5617

Is Micronesia (FSM) Safe for Travel?

Safety and Security Descriptive
Crime Risk present
Road safety Hazardous driving
Public transportation Do not hail taxis;
Use official taxis
Adventure travel Use well-established companies
Women’s safety Risk present
Swimming Caution needed if swimming offshore
Health Chikungunya warning
Risk level Normal security precautions

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Do I Need a Visa to Visit Micronesia (FSM)?

Prior to travel, make sure you check with your transportation company about any passport requirements. This is important as in some cases their regulations on passport validity may be more strict than those of the destination country.

Only a passport is required to enter Micronesia (FSM) for trips under 30 days. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of departure.

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Embassy of Canada to Micronesia (FSM) information

When travelling to another country, it is important to know where the Canadian embassy is located in the event of:

  • A legal problem
  • A lost passport
  • The need to report a crime

It is advisable to make a copy of your original passport in case you lose it.

Australian Embassy to Micronesia (FSM)
Street Address:
H & E Building, 2nd Floor, Kolonia, Pohnpei, Micronesia

Tel.: 691 320 5448
Fax: 691 320 5449

Email: phpi.mail@dfat.gov.au

Please note that this is the Australian Embassy located in Micronesia (FSM). Support can be provided to Canadians from this Embassy.

Canadian High Commission to Australia
Street Address:
Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra ACT, Australia 2600

Tel.: (61) 2 6270 4000
Fax: (61) 2 6270 4060

Email: cnbra@international.gc.ca

Please note that this is the website for the Canadian High Commission in Australia. There is no Canadian government office in Micronesia (FSM).

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